Monday, April 12, 2010

Custom Video Layout for Facebook

We recently posted a custom Facebook layout for one of our clients . This is a video page and it is very basic but she wanted to stream her video and add some custom graphics . Leslie Campione is a Republican candidate for Lake County Commissioner, District 4 in Florida . This is a very simple page but effective and the possibilities are endless .

Why does Steve Jobs hate Adobe

Many people have asked me why do I think the IPhone and Ipad are doomed . Well 2 words come to mind , Steve Jobs . The next logical question is why does Stevie boy hate Adobe . Well that is easy to explain .

Back in the 80’s and through most of the 90’s Apple was the leading artistic design computer system . Most graphic artist and audio recording studios used Mac , it was just a better platform for handling that type of media . PC was more of a business machine for the first 20 years . Much of the primary software was not even available in the PC versions . Fast forward to around the early 2000’s and by now PC’s were faster , processed information better and the gap was narrowing . Software manufactures like Adobe saw that more plug ins for the software were being written for PC based platforms instead of the old guard the Apple Mac .

Today , studios are switching to the PC versions of the software like HD Protools because of the I7 Intel processor and the ability to have 24gigs of ram or more with the new PC 64bit platform . The majority of plug ins being written for these software companies are pc based and Mac is a secondary company in the world of media arts .

One thing has proven true in the tech field , either keep innovating or get push aside . Ask yourself this , why would Apple run Intel chips and allow windows on their machines if it wasn’t a better platform . Would Chevy ever put a Nissan engine in a Corvette?

The Iphone and Ipad are already outdated . The Ipad has no usb ports and if you want to load music you need his software like Itunes ….which is nuts . Also if you are a developer of those apps that Apple is so proud of , read the fine print about 3rd party software .

Neofonie is a small German company of 180 employees . They are coming out with the WePad . This has usb ports and you can just load your music right in without proprietary software . It also uses the same operating system as the Google phone , Android which means that it will use the Adobe Flash Player . While this more than likely will not doom the Ipad , it will the first nick in the armor along with Google Phone , Blackberry and others that are still moving forward and giving the consumers what they want .

Thursday, March 25, 2010

HTC EVO 4G from Sprint in Florida ?

Some friends asked me what I thought about the HTC Evo 4G from Sprint. Well from everything that I have read about the new smart phone it is the 800lb gorilla in the room. The phone will use the Android operating system and comes with a 1ghz processor. As I have mentioned before the world of smart phones will adopt the Adobe Flash player and apparently the EVO 4g will be on that bandwagon as well.
Running on the Sprint 4g network will test the limitations of the phone. Download speeds will be incredible and you will be able to capture HD video as well. Currently Florida has no cities with the 4G systems but Miami is on the list of cities slated to get 4g and although Orlando is not on the list it will benefit from the infrastructure.
Remember what I said about Apple and the IPhone becoming obsolete? Things are sure shaping up to proof me right.